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Published: 19.04.2017

Welcome to FAUN Trackway®’s fourth product showcase. Our products, used in land and air operations, are relied upon daily by military engineers in over 40 countries. This month we will be taking a look at our ACCESS AND ENVIRONMENT Boat Ramp Kit (BRK).

The ACCESS AND ENVIRONMENT Boat Ramp Kit (BRK) is a temporary to permanent modular roadway that can be deployed into water to provide a stable, high grip surface facilitating the rapid deployment and recovery of vehicles and people.

The Boat Ramp Kit (BRK) can be manually deployed using the push bar. The optional specification beam dispenser enables the launch and recovery of the Trackway® using a host machine via a bespoke adaptor plate. The panels are connected by male/female joints and secured by locking pins. Half panels are every 16ft 4” which assist easy splitting and joining to create the length required.

Made of high grade aluminum it is extremely durable in all climates, withstanding ambient temperatures from -40°F - +140°F.

It can be used in areas where it is not suitable for conventional boat ramp structures such as; tidal area, freezing waters, marsh, or if the boat ramp is temporary it provides seasonal access to water.

The Trackway® is easily cleaned due to the open nature of the profile, minimizing retention and debris and prevents vehicle damage and protects environments .

When the boat ramp is not being used for water access, it can be used as a temporary roadway to stabilize difficult terrain or enable vehicle recovery. Trackway® has a life expectancy in excess of 40 years.

Supplied flat-packed, rolled for manual deployment or coiled onto a spool for mechanized deployment, it is easily and quickly assembled from lightweight man handles, secured by unique locking pins therefore no nuts and bolts to easily lose. Suitable for wheeled vehicles up to 28,655lbs axle weights.

Rubber tracked vehicles can also use the boat ramp for steel tracks we advise that timber is used to prolong life and increase traction.

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