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Aircraft Recovery Kit

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The Aircraft Recovery Kit facilitates with the recovery of all types of aircraft within an array of operations, terrain and climates. Comprising of a modular, aluminum, panel by panel system, the ground stabilization solution enables:

Quick access roadways for vehicles to reach aircraft that are damaged or have overshot a runway;

Area matting to quickly and safely tow aircraft back to a runway;

Safe walkways for individuals to reach aircraft that are damaged or have overshot a runway.


Excellent ground bearing capacity;

Suitable for vehicles, pedestrians and aircraft;

Used for as little as a day or a more permanent installation;

Ensures ground / environmental protection;

Avoids the risk of causing landing gear secondary damage;

Suitable for all types of terrain.


Aluminum panels, joined together with a connecting bar, bolts and washers;

Designed to be constantly reused and has a long operational life;

100% recyclable;

Withstands ambient temperatures ranging from -40°F to +140°F;

Unique panel design enables a non-slip surface for pedestrians.

C50 Trackway®

Designed to withstand weights of up to 330,69Ib (15,000kg) per axle (subject to sub-base and layout);

Manually deployed in either a brickwork or straight configuration;

Providing a continuous, trip-free surface;

Connected to one another longitudinally with an overlapped joint and fastened together with a flush bolt;

Suitable handling equipment will be necessary in order to manoeuvre and position the panels.

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