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Marine Access

Boat Ramp Kit

A temporary to permanent modular slipway that can be deployed into water to provide a stable, high grip surface to facilitate easy launching and recovery of watercraft.

The Boat Ramp Kit is extremely durable in all climates, and can be used in tidal areas, freezing waters, marshes, or for temporary/seasonal access to water.


Trackway® – modular length of aluminum panels;

Laying and Recovery Kit - allows manual deployment and recovery of the Trackway®;

Anchoring Kit – enables deployment, recovery, anchorage and field maintenance.


Panels are laterally locked using captive quick release sliding shoot bolts;

No mandatory tools are required for splitting and joining;

Easy splitting and joining in complete darkness, submerged or if joints and locks are full of dirt and sand;

Easily cleaned, due to the open nature of the profile;

Anodized as standard for marine environments;

Does not float and has a high traction surface;

Rolled for storage and transportation;

Rapidly deployed and recovered;

Highly Resilient to Water Immersion;

Protects environments and subsurface from traditional vehicle damage.

The Boat Ramp Kit has optional widths of 10.8 or 13.8 feet with a recommended minimum length of 65 feet. Further lengths can be easily joined to suit any requirement.

Deployed by two people in a matter of minutes, the Boat Ramp Kit ensures a swift recovery should you need to move to an alternate location.

As a multipurpose solution the Trackway® is also suitable for Roadways, Vehicle Recovery Mat (VRM), bridge access, and general infrastructure use.